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The ABC Pre-School is a small, friendly and happy Pre-Schoolwith an extreamly warm and welcoming team of qualified staff.

We aim to offer a fun, safe, nurturing and secure environment, providing every opportunity for children to reach their full potential.

'Everyone has strengths that can be reached by opportunity.'

A Little about the ABC...

The ABC Pre-School forms part of the ABC Project which is a community centre based in Mercury Close, Borstal. The Centre was set up in 1995 to provide support to the Borstal Community.

We accommodate children aged 2 to 4 years of age when they then leave us to move on to full time education.The ABC is Registered charity so we work hard to raise funds to ensure that we continue to provide a quality childcare provision for your children. From the term after your childs third birthday they will be funded for up to five sessions per week. You could be entitled to receive funding for upto 5 sessions for qualifying 2 year olds providing you meet the required eligiblity criteria set by the government (please click Here to find out if you qualify).  The Funding we receive for each child is extreamly valuable to us as a setting allowing us to employ six members of staff each day which ensures your child receives the care and attention they need. We hope you child will remain with us up until they start in reception class at the school of your choice.

We work closely with Sure Start Centres to ensure that you and your child receive the very best possible start to their journey through education.


There are many statutory requirements that Early years providers must adhere to.

These include:-

Every Child Matters

Every child matters (2004) was put into place to improve the well-being of young children from birth to 19 years of age. The Government aims for every child, regardless of their background or circumstances to have the support they need to:

Be healthy

Stay Safe

Enjoy and Achieve

Make a Possitive contribution

Develop skills for the future

OFSTED inspect settingd with regard to these outcomes.

(please click Here for the department of education document.)


The Early Years Fondation Stage (eyfs 2008) is a framework that all registered Early years practitioners must follow. Meeting the individual needs of all children lies at the heart of the EYFS.

Staff at the ABC offer personalised learning, dvelopment and care to ensure children get the best possible start in life. Plan underpins the delivery of the EYFS. we ensure that children have opportunities to play indoors and outdoors. Through play children develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.

(Please click here for the department of education document.)


Angie Whitby is our Special Education Needs coordinator (SENco). The responsabilities of the SENco includes liasing with parents and other professional practitioners in respect of children with special educational needs, and advising and supporting other practitioners in the setting. Angie is always available to talk to should you have any concerns regarding your childs development. Our special educational needs policy is available upon request.


Each child in our setting is assigned a key person. A key person has special responability for working with a ssmall group of children, giving then reassurance to feel safe and cared for and building relationships with their parents. Together with you and your child the key person will create your childs 'learning story'. The learning story contains your childs creative work, photographs and observations which assist the key person in planning activities to promote your childs learning and development.


Parents are as much a part of our Pre-school as their children. It is important for you and your child that you can play an active part in this exciting phase of his/her life. You may be able to share a special skill or interest such as music, cooking, dance or even job, or you may want to help out during the session. Please feel free to talk to a member of the team and make arrangements to come along.


Here is a brief run down of a typical session at the ABC

9.15am - Pre-School opens.

Children arrive and are assisted by their parents/carer to change their shoes, take their coats off and find their names which they then post into the registration box in room c.

9.20am - Free play/adult led/child led activities.

The children have a choice of three different rooms where differnet activities such as sand/water play, construction, home corner, computer etx are available.

9.50am - Snack bar opens.

Children can visit the snack bar to enjoy a range of healthy snacks. A selection of fruit, yogurts, cheese and crackers are normally available as well as milk or water to drink.

11.00am - Outside play.

Children help to tidy up the toys and are then encouraged to get themselves ready for outdoor play. The outdoor environment provides rich opportunities for promoting learning and development.

11.50 - Story/Song time.

Children are separated into small groups to enjoy games, songs and stories and role play.

12.15pm - Home time.

Children are collected by their parents/carers.


A Happy introduction to ABC Pre-school is important and before your child officially starts you your child will be invited into the setting for a 'story and play' session. This provides an opportunity for you both become familiar with the setting, routine and staff, and hopefully makes it easier for your child to settle in. When your child officially starts, we have found from experience that staying only prolongs the 'agony' of parting. It is usually better to say goodbye and go home (with emphasis on go home) so that we can contact you quickly if necessary. However if you feel that your child would settle better if you stay for a while then we are happy for you to do so.


Children will often get involved in messy play during the session so it is advisable to dress them easily washable clothing, ideally clothing which isn't too new. The children are encouraged to become independent as they progress at Pre-school, it is therefore advisable to ensure their clothing has fastenings which they are able to manage (ie Velcro fastening) which will enable them to go to the toilet without assistance as well as get ready for outdoor play. A spare set of clothing is also required in case they get too wet, muddy or dirty. Upon arrival at the setting parents are asked to ensure their child changes into dry/clean pair of plimsolls / trainers.  Your child will need a suitable pair of shoes to change into for outdoor play, (no open toed shoes / crocs for heath and safety). If possible each child should have a named pair of wellington boots and a waterproof jacket as we do try to go outside in all weathers.  It is not advisable for children to wear jewellery whist at pre-school as it can become caught causing Damage and / or injury.



If your child has a temperature, is sick or has diarrhoea please DO NOT send them until a clear 48 HOURS after the symptoms have stopped. If your child is absent for any reason please bring a note (if you know in advance) or telephone us between 9am and 9.15am on the day.


Please ensure you collect your child on time, late collection can be very upsetting for a child. The Pre-school does charge a fee for late collections.

If anyone other than yourself is going to be collecting your child from pre-school you must let us know, we have a collection book you must sign with details of who will be collecting your child and we also operate a password system.


We have many policies and procedures which can be found on our parents notice board.

Individual copies are available upon request.


The ABC Pre-school aims to provide an environment which promotes and safeguards the welfare

of children which includes, proecting children from maltreatment, preventing impairment of childrens health or development and ensuring children are growing up in circumstances consistant ith the provision of safe and effective care. We have a duty of care to refer any allegation, complaint or concern received relating to a child to the local authority. A copy of our safeguarding children policy is available upon request.


OFSTED Complaints Investigations and Enforcement Team


Piccadilly gate

Store Street


M1 2WD

By Telephone on - 0300 123 1231

ABC Pre-school is subject to regular inspections carried out by OFSTED.

All staff members undergo Criminal Record Bureau checks. A copy of our complaints procedure is available upon request.